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Thursday, January 27, 2011 | 11:19 PM | 0 chingu
 aq da serik jadi syamimi... s0 aq decide nax jadi syakila plax... aq bukan pew,, ramai sangat yang xskew aq *as syamimi... can't u accept me as wh0 i am?? i really h0pe s0... i really want t0 be a nice gurL... but every0ne think i'm evil,bad... we're n0t perfect 0k! just the G0d perfect!! yezz,i'm a crAze gurL.. crAze as syAkiLa!! i'm really new here s0 i h0pe u d0n't mind t0 read such this sucks things!hahaha.. enj0y!^_^

 u want t0 kn0w s0metim?? da pic bel0w was my bezfren since i was a little kiddy^_^.. ~0n da left side~ .. 11 years we're frenz n n0w we're still frenz.. *alth0ugh n0w she's taller than me=.=' ..never mind ! i juz want t0 say i really l0ve u yana!

tenz 4 waste ur time wif me darl,n u t0o!

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