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Thursday, February 24, 2011 | 2:33 AM | 0 chingu
  terus terang aq cakap aq xbley maafkan k0wang ag ! i'm really c0wy.. i'm juz telling da truth ! i really need privacy n0w.. s0 plez,juz leave me al0ne k ! aq cgat akui perbuatan aq nim cgat xmatured.. tapi aq xbley nax wat pew.. 

  sPm is my 1st step t0 da future,, but juz bc0z u're suck stupid damn shit things u've had d0ne t0 me,, it's all like a trash ! i really regret t0 have th0se shit frenz like A n B ! blah la wei..!

  2 ary yang lepaz 0ne 0f them send me a text !

  saying dat she really miss me !

  0MG,, can u believe it?? juz like a miracle !

 did i reply??

  4 sure.. n0 way,,babe !haha

  c0wy yep darl !

  da really damn things i ever d0 since i live in dis w0nderful w0rld is being ur frenz,, A n B ! dat things had ruin my life n change my life 10o% 0ke !

  if u're readim dis,, i'm s0 c0wy t0 tell da truth ! s0,, wat r u waiting 4?? leave me al0ne ! i really need a l0ng time t0 fixed dis mess 0ut ! 0ke..

dat's all fr0m me~~


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