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Sunday, April 24, 2011 | 9:56 PM | 3 chingu

  alahai..kalau ekutkan,da lmew xupdate blog dan blogwalking..nak kata bz xla kowt..xtaw kenapa,in my feveret month nim rase mcm xdew mase jep.huhu.

  oke,firstly nak cakap pasal reunion UAG(13o411)..yang bley aq cakap,reunion yang ntah pew2  =.=" ..xtaw la pesal kelamkabut sangat ary too.huh~~ nak upload pics kat FB ngan twitter pown pics yang ntah pew2..yang len pown xupload jugak.adoyai,masaelah btol..

just take a look. :DD

.muna.che yam.rina.farah.zatiey. 

.wif  zatiey.

.wif farah.

wif rina n farah. :DD

dlm kelamkabut pown still had so much fun with them ! XD

  then the other story is i started using twitter and yfrog? ouchh ! mende pown aq xtaw.haha.but i had so much fun la dear..i can chitchat with the celebrity..(sohor la sangat kow artis too.huh !) the most exciting part is at my hero space..kua3..:DD

oke then,that's all. :)

p/s~ when i hang out wif my fwen i always wear the shawl/'tudung'.good attitude ? oke then.i'll will try to wear it alwayz.. :DD

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