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Friday, September 9, 2011 | 6:01 AM | 0 chingu
annyeong haseyo !

  okeoke. raye taon niy is the WORST eid ever. yela, bayangkan aq kena keje pada malam raye. my boss is SUCKS ! dan dipendekkan citer, i QUIT ! itu pun raye ke3 aq still keje then baru quit. yes, i know WORK is still WORK. tapi xpaham ke raye setahun sekali. anakanak aq balek and i can't spend my time with them. what the HELL. 

  i'm really DAMN jeles with my friends on fb. sumer upload pics raye. oke,aq jeles sesangat. and i don't have any pics raye. oke,i fell bad. :(

  anyway,nvr mind. chill k. 
and this pics during eid. 
sorry, the quality isn't that GOOD. huhu :)

my appa with his son daughter in law and grandchild ! xD

BIG FAMILY of mine. xD 
my omma and unnie. :)

1st EID with my unnie.

with my beloved 'anak', aein. :p

with aien at kb mall on 2nd eid. :)

with my syg,uyu 4th eid.
1st time pegi umah dy.
on the same day was her birthday. :)
kb mall again and again. =.="

EID 2011 is the most SIMPLE EID for me.
okay,that's all.
nanti kalau aq rajin aq update ag.

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