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Tuesday, November 15, 2011 | 3:31 AM | 1 chingu
annyeong haseyo peeps !

  nothing special for this entry. just wanna share about my life with who wanna READ this. straight to the point aq dapat study kat UITM dungun *xla dekat pown* course tourism management. ramai yang cakap, untung la dapat  cos tuuu. *untungla sgt kan? :p * haha. em, act cos tu 2nd choice after Interior Design *babai ID ): * but it's alright, i'm very GRATEFUL of all i've got now. alhamdulillah, thanks to ALLAH. (:

  btw, sumer barang da packing. and special thanks to my mom for help me packing my things. my dad for buying me the things i need. my friends for sharing their experience with me. thanks a bunch, i love you all. xlupe jugak ntuk abang aq yang sanggup blek kelantan semata-mata nak hantar aq. thanks abg chik. (:

brg2 yg da packing. byk gle kot.
muat ke 1 myvi? =.="

mr.HERO n mr.LOVELY. (:

  okay, 1611 da daftar. cdey ny nak tinggal kelantan. gonna miss my mom and dad for sure. my bff, mr. LAPPY. my boyfriend, mr. LOVELY *it's a guitar :p * mr. HERO *it's a bear* for sure xdapat lagi aq nak praktis main gitar. i don't even have time to play NeverLetYouGo song by JustinBieber. *macam takde orang laen kan? :p*

  that's all i think. oke, bye ! (:

p/s : tolong aq pilih antara chinese and japanese language. it's important. please comment below. tq. (:

lots of luv,

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