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Sunday, May 22, 2011 | 8:29 PM | 0 chingu

(sorry,this entry straight in BI ! >.< )

  i don't know what kind of feelin i feel rite now ! i'm confused..really ! i just straight to the point..i've got an offer to further study at polytech in course mechanical engineering (i don't know what kind of course it is..>.<) @polytech kota bharu?? (wth!) .. but i had another offer to further study at upsi (i can choose the course ! T_T)..and now,all the things drive me CRAZY,really ! u know that i really don't LIKE to make a choice ! argghh..

   i don't want to make my parents dissapointed..but at the same time,i don't want to be FORCED by anyone..just like,"u have to choose this!"or"u have to choose that!"..i mean that i want to make my own decision,it's all about my FUTURE ! they really make me lost my mind..

  sometimes i think that "is it important to further study?"and"what will i get?".. how stupid am i thinking that kind of questions..and sometimes i just think"what about i'm just studying to play a guitar and write songs?".. why the choice isn't like this : "choose between YUNHO and JAEJOONG?" (aigoo,of course i'll choose JAEJOONG oppa!) why LIFE has to be so DIFFICULT? T_T

                                                         jaejoong                               yunho

  i will go to ask my teacher then..wish me luck ! T_T

p/s ~ i had to choose or they will forced me to choose ! aigooo..  >.<

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