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Thursday, June 16, 2011 | 7:32 AM | 0 chingu
annyeong haseyo !

  tetibe aq teringat tyme zaman kanak2 ribena dulu..kalau cikgu tanya pasal cita2 mesti ade yang jawab nak jadik guru,doktor,peguam..haha..kelakar sangat ! yang aq ingat,aq penah tulis cita2 : nak belajar bersungguh-sungguh hingga ke menara gading ! kelakarnya.. :P
  then,mase darjah 5-6,tukar nak jadik fashion designer..asal ? sebab aq gila melukis (until now !omg.. :D )..tapi auntie n my omma xkasik..u know why,it's HARD to explain.. :P

  blew da form 1-5,tukar plak nak jadik interior designer(ID) idol is ERIC LEONG ! i don't know why but i admire him a lot ! tyme too,my omma always buy me IMPIANA and many more ID magazines(she always know what i want ! love u mom..)

  but now,my ambition is only a dream..dream high ! sometimes,we can't get all we want in our i just can further study in college polytech mara kL,cos bussiness management ! the same college as my sist..but alhamdulillah,thanks to ALLAH.. :)

currently watching : boys over flower !
(for many2 time)

  and now, i really admire GEUM JANDI (BOF)..she is a tough girl ! she had to forget about swimming,the most thing that she likes to do..then,she found another thing that she can do,she study HARD and end up to be a DOCTOR ! whoa,how i ADORE her ! :D

p/s : i really don't know that i will end up being a bussinessgirl ! >.<


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